Sweden deserves your wines

WineWorld is an independent importer in the Swedish wine market. We act as the connection between passionate winemakers and the quality-obsessed, strictly regulated national alcohol monopoly, one of the biggest wine purchasers in the world.

Our mission is to give Swedish people access to characteristic and exciting wines, both at home and in restaurants.

Let's take your wine through the monopoly's bottleneck – with the help of our insider knowledge. Visit our English website.

The labyrinth of rules, regulations and routines doesn't scare us.

We walk it every day.

We have done just that for almost two decades. Before founding WineWorld, we were purchasers at Sweden's monopoly "Systembolaget" ourselves. During this time, we learned the system inside out, purchasing half a billion Euros' worth of wine.

We know first hand what is most important to each person involved in that decision making process. So now it needn't scare you, either.

We grow wine growers

To us, a relationship with a winemaker is something to be gently cultivated over time.

Most of our partners are family-owned companies, stretching back many generations. Being entrusted with such a legacy is a great responsibility and an even greater honour.

Sustainable profitability happens when everyone wins. We are keen fans of win-win-win situations. You win. We win. And Sweden's wine lovers discover their new future favourites.

Because Earth is the only (known) planet with wine.

To you, growing great vines that bear great grapes is day-to-day work – and joy.
But what about your great-great-great-great-grand-children?
WineWorld engages in the national beverage industry’s climate initiative and was the first certified company in Sweden according to the Fair for Life standard. The Swedish monopoly, too, has high demands on suppliers for fairness and sustainability.

But don’t worry. We know them all by heart and will guide you through each one.